Villas for Muslims

Halal Tourism is now a well-established concept in the tourism industry, offering all tourist services in a framework that conforms to Islamic beliefs and practices. Tourism and Luxury Private Villa Abu Dhabi is a booming market as Muslim travelers are increasingly aware of this new sector of the market. The hotels and resorts on our website serve only halal food and have a ban on alcohol consumption in all or certain areas of their establishments.

Halal hotels have already become the standard of service, they do not serve alcoholic beverages, all food has Halal certificates, there are prayer rooms and rest areas for men and women are conveniently divided.

Villas for Muslims in Spain

Muslim Villas for Muslims in Spain are very different from hotels that are familiar to non-Muslims. Be sure to separate the male and female area on the beach, for men and women, separate pools. In the halal hotel you will not see alcohol in the restaurant’s menu and of course you will not find pork, because everything complies with the norms of Islam.

Halal hotels in Spain are especially well known, because here the halal tourism industry has begun to develop and is thriving at a faster pace than anywhere else.

Halal travel is also common in other countries. Here, vacationers can stay in halal hotels and villas, where everything meets the standards that are familiar to Muslims. The main advantage of the villas is their privacy and secrecy from prying eyes. Many halal Villas develop special entertainment programs for Muslim women and Muslim men.

Special attention is paid to the comfortable rest of children in such hotels. Halal hotels do everything to ensure a comfortable and carefree vacation for the whole family in the tradition of Islam. These are mainly five-star hotels, where the smallest nuances and features of Muslim traditions are taken into account.