Halal Holiday

Banky Tours – Halal Hotels Worldwide

Banky Tours – Halal Hotels Worldwide

As halal tourism specialists, we are aware of the specific requirements and expectations of our customers. That’s why we carefully adjust all our packages so that our guests can fully enjoy their Halal Booking holidays. This is how our holidays have earned the trust of a loyal clientele and many new customers come to us on the recommendation of existing customers.

What sets us apart from others is our expertise and quality-oriented approach. We have a very good knowledge of the Muslim clientele for Halal holidays in Tunisia, the Middle East, and worldwide and are experts in organizing trips to Halal holidays in Europe, North Africa, Halal Hotel Tourism UAE, Malta, Bosnia, Malaysia, etc.

 Once you’re at your destination, we make sure you make the most of your stay, according to your interests and your group crowd. They are much more than just representatives of the company: they are your hosts at your vacation spot!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday on the Mediterranean, a city break in Istanbul with the discovery of the Ottoman heritage, Halal hotels in Antalya Turkey, a tour to discover a specific country, or a holiday tailored to your wishes, all in a halal environment – our friendly team will take care of creating the ideal route for you.

We are here to make possilble for you