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Halal Travel and Resorts

Our goal is to offer a high-end vacation in harmony with Islam- Muslim Friendly Hotels

Choose your establishment worldwide based on your Halal-friendly preferences, filtering your searches through the following criteria: women’s privacy, halal food and no alcohol.

Tourism and recreation in accordance with Sharia law are new trends in the tourism industry, which allow people to rest in accordance with their religious beliefs. So, the hotels provide everything that the faithful Muslims may need: prayer rooms, swimming pools, beaches and spas separate for men and women. Prerequisite is halal food. And, of course, in such hotels all drinks are only non-alcoholic. Halal holidays in Europe are becoming not only popular, but it covers all new areas, and every day more and more Muslims use its services.

Halal Travel accommodation conforms to Islamic standards. Our hotels do not serve alcohol and have separate beaches, pools, recreation areas and spas for men and women. Our entertainment programs, which are also in the norms of Islam, are interesting, fun and family-friendly. In addition to separate facilities for men and women, there are family spaces that allow families to enjoy their holidays together in a proper atmosphere, welcoming children to clubs and playrooms etc.

We offer several categories of holidays:

  • Halal Resorts- Halal beachfront hotels and spas
  • City Breaks- Halal City Hotels with Daily Discovery Tours
  • Heritage- Tours to discover the Islamic heritage
  • Wellness- Halal spas and spas
  • Islamic Resorts- Luxurious villas with private pool

Our principle is simple- we only offer hotels in which we would like to stay ourselves! Each hotel has been selected for a particular reason-some are luxurious establishments, with upmarket restaurants and leisure areas, others are beachfront hotels or small boutique hotels, chosen for their unparalleled Islamic atmosphere and their friendly service, while others offer the best spa and therapy centers in their area.