Halal Beach Resorts

With the arrival of summer, and wedding season already in full swing, this is the right opportunity for all the Muslims, all over the world to search for a friendly resort for a perfect holiday. These beach resorts bring you the most luxurious and beautiful surroundings perfect for your honeymoon, first holidays or vacation. However, if you have been married for years, one can always find an excuse to visit any of these Halal Resort.

Halal Resort Turkey Antalya is those that follow all or part of the rules that follow their creed. In everything else it is a normal hotel, which can be of any category, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, although most are positioned at levels of luxury or high quality.

The general rules that a Halal Beach Resorts must meet to be considered halal are:

  • It must not serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Must offer menus with ‘halal’ certification, which ensures that all food consumed is in accordance with the laws of the Koran.
  • Have specific facilities for women
  • Have prayer rooms.
  • That the environment is welcoming for a person of Muslim religion.

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